We are pleased to announce the official programme comprised of 3 plenary and 4 parallel sessions with more than 40 speakers for the 8th VELUX Daylight Symposium at Le Carreau du Temple in Paris on 9 October 2019

Please note changes may occur


09.00 – 10.00

Arrival & registration


10.00 – 10.10

Welcome by David Briggs, CEO of the VELUX Group (DK)

10.10 – 11.30

Plenum Session I

Moderators Michel Langrand, Consultant, MLCG Consulting (FR) & Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg, Associate Professor, University of Oregon (US)

“Daylight and Energies” by Nicolas Michelin​, Architect and Urban Planner, Founding Partner​, ANMA​ (FR)

“Buildings of the Future Need Light and Chronobiology”  by Till Roenneberg, Professor​, Head of Human Chronobiology, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (DE)

“Visual Delight – The Importance of Views in the Workplace” by Lisa Heschong, Independant Consultant​ Fellow, Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (US)

“The Rise of Human Centric Lighting” by Kevin Houser, Professor, Penn State University, Editor-in-chief, LEUKOS (US)

11.30 – 12.00



12.00 – 13.30

Plenum Session II

Moderators Michel Langrand, Consultant, MLCG Consulting (FR) & Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg, Associate Professor, University of Oregon (US)

“Environmental Surfing for Health, Productivity and a Resilient Future” by Vivian Loftness, Professor, Carnegie Mellon University (US)

“Light and Architecture” by Cui Kai, Architect, Founding Partner​, Cui Kai Studio​ (CN)

“Can Natural Lighting Shape Architecture?” by Sebastian Moreno-Vacca, Architect, Founding Partner & Aline Branders, Architect,​ A2M (BE)

“The Multi-Layer City, Reinventing Paris” by Rasmus Astrup, Architect​, SLA (DK) & Frederic Chartier, Architect, Partner, Chartier-Dalix Architects (FR)

“Value of Daylight in Office Buildings” by Christoph Reinhart, Professor, Researcher, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (US)

13.30 – 14.30



14.30 – 16.30

Break-out sessions: Panel discussions with researchers, practitioners and other building professionals



Moderator Koen Steeemers, Professor, University of Cambridge (UK)

“Creating Architecture with Daylight” by Steffen Vogt, Architect, Partner​, Wulf Architekten​ (DE)

“Skylight Illumination Design of Primary Education Building Space” by Song Yehao, Professor, Director, Tsinghua University (CN)

“Daylight and the Experience of Landscape” by Martin Schwartz, Architect, Associate Professor,​ Lawrence Technological University (US)​

“Case Studies by cepezed and its Human Response to Daylight in Architecture” by Ronald Schleurholts, Architect, Owner,​ CEPEZED​ (NL)

“Changing Towards Daylight’s Changeability” by Merete Madsen, Lighting Designer, Architect,​ SWECO​ (DK)

“Daylight: a Concept and a Design Deriver” by Maha Shalaby, Architect​, White Arkitekter​ (SE)

“Daylight Amenity Impacts in the Growing City” by Phillip Greenup, Senior Lighting Designer,​ ARUP​ (AU)


Moderator Kevin Houser, Professor, Oregon State University (US)

“Urban Daylight Signature”
by Giulio Antonutto, Associate Director​ & Santiago Torres, Lightning Designer, ARUP​ (UK)

“Is Daylight Glare Perceived Differently by People from Different Cultures?” by Clotilde Pierson, PhD Candidate, University of Louvain​ (BE)​

“The Colour(s) of the Sky – Bridging the Theory and Practice: Implementation, Benefits and Application Areas” by Aicha Diakite, Research Associate, Scientific Project Manager, Technical University of Berlin​ (DE)

“An Explorative Study on the Impact of Daylight and View among Operating Room Nurse” by Marielle Aarts, Assistant Professor, Chairman of the board, Eindhoven University of Technology​ (NL)

“Interaction of Daylight and Electric Light on Subjective Light Appraisals in Office Environments” by Samantha Peeters, PhD Candidate​, Eindhoven University of Technology​ (NL)​

“Daylight and the Indoor Microbiome” by Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg, Associate Professor​, University of Oregon (US)​


Moderator Lisa Heschong, Independant Consultant,​ Fellow, Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (US)

”Early Stage Building Optimization Using External Facade Metrics” by Max Tillberg, Engineer​, Bengt Dahlgren​ (SE)

“Applying the New European Daylighting Standard to Enhance Daylight Quality in Dense Urban Environments” by Inger Erhardtsen, Senior Lighting Engineer, ÅF Buildings Denmark (DK) & Werner Osterhaus, Professor, Architect, Head of Lighting Design Research Laboratory, Aarhus University​ (DK)​

“Impact of the New European Standard EN17037 “Daylight in Buildings” on Building Design” by Bernard Paule, Director​, ESTIA​ (CH)

“Daylight Modeling and Simulation Standards” by Zack Rogers, President, Daylighting Innovations, Co-founder, Director of Engineering, LightLouver (US)

  “IEA Activities Towards Standardizations for Daylight System Characterizations and Hourly Rating Methods” by David Geisler-Moroder, Engineer, Researcher​, Bartenbach​ (AT)​

“Combining Human Centric and Quantitative Tools for On-Site Visual Comfort Assessment” by Tatiana Severin-Fabiani, Research Engineer​, Saint-Gobain​ (FR)​ & Yannick Sutter, Founder, Manager, Lumibien (FR)

“Photographic Obstruction Maps – Shadow Responsive Shading Control in Dense Cities” by Andy McNeil, Specialist​, Kinestral Technologies​ (US)


Moderator Marc Fontoynont, Professor, Danish Building Research Institute, Aalborg University (DK)

“What Attracts Our Visual Attention? A Study on Saliency Mapping for Architectural Daylit Scenes Based on Virtual Reality Data” by Caroline Karmann, Researcher​, EPFL​ (CH)

“Window Size Effects on the Atmosphere of Daylit Spaces at High Latitudes” by Claudia Moscoso, Researcher​, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NO)​

“Crowd-based Illuminance Maps: Comparing Daylight Perception in Virtual Reality to Empirical Metrics” by Muhammad Hegazy, PhD Candidate​, Osaka University​ (JP)​

“Immersive Views Outdoors to Assess the Mediating Effect of Time in View Preference” by Francisca Rodriguez, PhD Candidate​, Queensland University of Technology​ (AU)​

“Using Virtual Reality to Validate New Metrics for Prediction of Daytime View-Out Quality and Privacy” by Steffen Petersen, Researcher​, Aarhus University​ (DK)​​

“Light, Architecture, and our Experience of Space: Human Responses to Facade and Daylight Composition” by Kynthia Chamilothori, Assistant Professor, Eindhoven University of Technology (NL)

“Designing Visually Accessible Spaces: Predicting Visibility During the Design Phase” by  Rob Shakespeare, Professor and Researcher, Indiana University (US)

16.30 – 17.00



17.00 – 18.10

Plenum Session III

Moderators Michel Langrand, Consultant, MLCG Consulting (FR) & Lars Hansen, Director, Villum Foundation (DK)

“Designing with Sun, Wind and Water” by Hiroshi Sambuichi, Architect, Founding Partner​, Sambuichi Architects​ (JP)

“Radiance – the Interaction of Light and Matter in Building Simulations” by Greg Ward​, Scientist​, Anyhere Software, Dolby Laboratories (US)

“Designing in Natural Light” by Hugh Dutton, Architect, Founding Partner,​ HDA (FR)

18.10 – 18.30

Daylight Symposium closure

“An Illustrated Address” by Thomas Vonier, Architect​ President, International Union of Architects (FR)

David Briggs, CEO of the VELUX Group (DK)

18.30 – 19.00



19.00 – 21.00

Event dinner at Le Carreau du Temple


More information about Daylight Symposium 2019 speakers here