by Siobhan Rockcastle, Maria Ámundadóttir & Mandana Sarey Khanie, PhD students, LIPID Lab, EPFL, Switzerland

This animation, titled “The Dynamics of Shadow: Architecture of Natural Light in Extreme Latitudes” was presented at “The Dynamics of Darkness in the North” an interdisciplinary conference held in Reykjavik from February 26-28. The conference featured research and creative work from academics, artists, and practitioners from around the world.

Under the supervision of Professor Marilyne Andersen and Jan Wienold, this video animation illustrates the dynamic daylight performance of an architectural space at 64.13 North latitude under two extreme lighting conditions – the summer and winter solstices. Using Radiance to create 3-minute time-lapse simulations, Siobhan, Maria, and Mandana applied novel metrics to assess the health potential, visual delight, and responsive visual comfort on these two days.