By Jan Wienold, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), EPFL ENAC IA LIPID, Switzerland

PhD position is available at the Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Performance-Integrated Design (LIPID)

LIPID is looking to hire a Doctoral Assistant (PhD student) with experience with or interest in the field of visual comfort. Visual comfort has a large impact on user satisfaction and indirectly on energy demand of a building. The research focuses on buildings with VDU-oriented workplace settings. The initial proposed method relies on user assessment experimental studies with subjective response of the participants as well on the relevant photometric measures. Evaluation and analysis of the data requires extensive use of analytical and modeling approaches. This research project is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation.


The Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Performance-Integrated Design (LIPID) at EPFL focuses its activities around the integration of building performance considerations in the architectural design process. With daylighting and passive solar strategies as strategic focus areas, research conducted at LIPID range from new façade technologies to interactive visualization methods or climate-based performance and comfort metrics with a common overarching goal of promoting energy-efficiency, human comfort and health within buildings.

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