by Ellen Kathrine Hansen, Ph.d. Programme Director, Aalborg University – Cph, Denmark

Lighting technology is undergoing a significant development – including new light sources, intelligent and interactive control of light and the use of interactive screens. To meet the new demands, the MSc in Lighting Design is a unique combination of the fields of media technology, architecture and science of light. Furthermore, it is founded in a special Danish and Nordic tradition of and sensibility to light in our built environment.

The Lighting Design MSc at Aalborg University Copenhagen offers a innovative education with an attractive international profile. For years, the industry has longed for a Nordic Master’s programme in Lighting Design at a high international level. The results from an extensive study made by the innovation network ‘Danish Light’ in 2010-2012 concludes: “… since there is already a major need for lighting designers, educational programmes should be prepared quickly”.


As a master’s student in Lighting Design at AAU-Cph, you will be working with both daylight and artificial light in the crossing between three scientific fields; media technology, engineering and architecture. The purpose of the programme is for graduates to have an academic- technological as well as process-related approach to lighting design, and not least, a particular sense in designing with light in virtual and physical spaces.

During the programme, you will be working with the interplay between the basic physical elements of light, lighting technologies, digital media, context, human factors, light perception and creative knowledge-based design methods.