by Giuseppe De Michele, EURAC Research

The Institute for Renewable Energy of EURAC research is pleased to announce the first release of the ‘TypeDLT’, a new TRNSYS component that enables climate-based daylighting simulation. This software uses the Three-Phase Method of Radiance to help you analyse the effects of ‘Complex Fenestration Systems’ from the perspective of visual comfort and daylight availability. Additionally, it gives you the opportunity to develop custom control strategies for dynamic shading devices. Its integration in the Trnsys environment allows for the dynamic simulation of both daylight and thermal performances of buildings and their interaction. The tool has been presented at the 13th International Radiance Workshop in London.



Figure 1. Overview of the interaction between “TypeDLT” and other components within the TRNSYS simulation environment.


Figure 2. Overview of the simulation input and output which can be generated by the new “TypeDLT” component.

Developed within the FP7 EU ‘CommONEnergy’ project, the TypeDLT software is open source, allowing anyone to use it and to contribute to its development. The code with the documentation and an example file are available at the GitHub repository.

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