by Carlo Volf, Aarhus School of Architecture

A film dedicated to the architect Louis I. Kahn and his famous credo:

What slice of sun enters your room? What range of mood does the light offer, from morning to night, from day to day, from season to season and through the years…?

The film brings his words to life, and unveils hidden secrets about everyday life, space, time and architecture. Especially the film focuses on the seasons and the geographical orientation, with the room as a creator of light; and yes;

A room is indeed not a room without natural light!!!

Carlo Volf will be presenting “An asymmetrical solar architecture” at the VELUX Daylight Symposium in London on 2-3 September.

Carlo Volf, PhD, has an international research background; working with research in the area light and health and light at hospitals. Carlo has a well-established profile in the planning of new hospitals, using his knowledge and methods in the planning of daylight and artificial lighting. He is the author of several publications and has been nominated for the Index Award in the cathegory “Design to improve life”.