by Carlo Miki Lukassen, Greenlandic Photographer

Great and inspiring story tellers and explorers connect our world. There is many ways to tell a story and many ways to explore. Story tellers lead us emotionally and we follow them simply using our imagination. And the stories can lead us into good mood or bad mood.
I am here to tell a short story about a world to explore. There is many ways to tell a story, I think the most common techniques to tell a story are by using sound, ink, paint, and light, one of the best known technique using light is photography.
I like to tell a story through pictures, my pictures are not much about sad or violent things, but mostly about positive mood, and I think this is why I am so fascinated by light, and why I like to point my lens toward the light.
I believe that light has a healthy and good effect on us. Light is an essential material supporting life, we need it and we want more of it.
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©Carlo Miki Lukassen