by Thorbjørn Færing Asmussen, VELUX Group

In the VELUX Group we are working on improving our simulation tools for the analysis of thermal comfort in homes. Soon VELUX Energy and Indoor Climate Visualizer will have functionalities permitting to visualize temperature levels, as well as the influence of direct sun and solar shading. False color animations of the calculation results can be generated and the effect of solar shading demonstrated. Results can be shown as operative temperature or mean radiant temperature in the room or house model.

VELUX Energy and Indoor Climate Visualizer can be used to evaluate the performance of single-family houses with respect to energy, ventilation and indoor climate. It is intuitive to use and can be used by anyone with basic knowledge of buildings. It focuses on windows and solar shading and their effects. Simulation results are summarized in a printable report containing key performance figures and written guidelines. Hereby, it will be simple and fast to compare results between identical building geometries and different choices of windows, panes, solar shading, etc.

Go to to find more information and to download a free copy. If you are interested in trying the PRO version of VELUX Energy and Indoor Climate Visualizer please write to