The Department of Architectural Engineering at Penn State University is searching to fill three new faculty positions. The goal is to find new colleagues eager to advance their own work while dovetailing with departmental mission. The department is seeking to fill at least three positions, one each with:
1) emphasis on smart and connected building systems,
2) emphasis on interactions between buildings and people,
3) emphasis on advancement of building materials.
Here’s a link to the advertisement:

If department manages to locate the right candidates in illuminating engineering and lighting science, it’s possible that two or even all three of the positions could be filled with people focused on applied lighting. The positions are open to all ranks, and co-hires with other departments and institutes within Penn State will be considered commensurate with the candidates expertise. In the past 10 years, this is the best opportunity for the department to grow the research and teaching capabilities in applied lighting.

While department is seeking the most qualified candidates, it is concurrently interested in improving the diversity of the academic community.

The application deadline for full consideration is October 29.