by Jens Christoffersen, VELUX Group

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Lighting Research and Technology, all of the papers in the 50/1 Special Edition are free to download during January 2018. Furthermore, LRT has also made a selection of 27 classic papers free to download for the entirety of 2018.

Content of 50/1 Special edition:

  • Editorial: A look back and a view forward by Dr Geoffrey Cook
  • Lighting Research and Technology: Past, present and future by PR Boyce and DJ Carter
  • The what and the where of vision lighting research by MS Rea
  • Non-visual effects of light: How to use light to promote circadian entrainment and elicit alertness by MG Figueiro, R Nagare, and LLA Price
  • Daylighting buildings: Standards and the needs of the designer by P Tregenza and J Mardaljevic
  • Architectural lighting design: A research review over 50 years by KP Mansfield
  • Visual discomfort indoors by PR Boyce and A Wilkins
  • Lighting controls: Evolution and revolution by A Pandharipande and GR Newsham
  • CIE colour appearance models: A current perspective by M Ronnier Luo and MR Pointer
  • Fifty years of development of light measurement instrumentation by T Bergen and R Young
  • Road lighting research for drivers and pedestrians: The basis of luminance and illuminance recommendations by S Fotios and R Gibbons