by the VELUX Group

“We are dwarfs standing on the shoulders of giants”. This quote by Isaac Newton expresses the fact that each generation builds on the intellectual and material legacy of preceding eras. This is also the case in our cities, where the annual rate of new builds is less than 1%, and more than 65% of all buildings are more than 30 years old. We profit from this gigantic treasure of buildings and infrastructure while facing the challenge of having to adapt them to future sustainable requirements.

This issue of D/A discusses that challenge,and deals specifically with the role daylight has to play in this endeavour. To gain a deeper insight into the topic, the VELUX Group collaborated with members from Arup´s global lighting design team throughout the editorial process of this magazine. With their knowledge and their points of view, the Arup team has made an invaluable contribution tothe discussion about the role of daylight inexisting and refurbished buildings.

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