A good indoor climate with generous daylight levels and provision of fresh air from outside is the key to making homes, offices, kindergartens and schools healthy buildings to live and work in. Daylight, Energy and Indoor Climate Book is a gathering of essential knowledge on the effects of windows, and how they affect various aspects building and human performance.

“With the Daylight, Energy and Indoor Climate book (DEIC), we aim to share our insight and knowledge by providing specific advice and concrete documentation on the effects and benefits of daylight and a good indoor climate in new and renovated buildings”, says Peter Foldbjerg, Senior Manager of VELUX Knowledge Center on Daylight, Energy and Indoor Climate

The book is available online at www.velux.com/deic and structured in 6 distinct chapters covering daylight, ventilation, thermal comfort, acoustics, energy, and environment. The book contains insights on a wide range of parameters to consider in the early phase of a building design, presents tools and methods to calculate building performances, as well as concrete cases in which simulations and building monitoring have been performed.