Assistant Professors (tenure track) / Associate Professors in Architectural Engineering 

Several positions are available within the field, and a successful applicant holds competencies related to computational design, fabrication, adaptive structures, form-finding, tectonic form and design and new materials. Positions are available in all relevant disciplines of architectural engineering, including but not limited to: Building Design Technology and Manufacturing, Building Design and Materials, Lightweight Architectural Structures, Wooden Structures, Architectural Acoustics, Innovative Structural Design, Building Services & Technology, Indoor Climate, and Lighting Design.


Full Professors in Civil and Architectural Engineering 

Positions are available within all relevant disciplines of civil engineering and architectural engineering, including but not limited to: Lighting Design, Building Design & Materials, Wooden structures, Lightweight Architectural Structures, Structural Engineering, Risk and Reliability, and Construction Management. Preference will be given to applicants that can demonstrate a strong and innovative research and teaching track record within traditional disciplines or within cross-disciplinary topics (e.g. bridging engineering topics to architecture and vice versa) that will lead to the establishment of new world-class research groups at AU. The positions will be anchored in the Department’s CAE section. 

NOTE: Deadline 21 November 2018