by Nicolas Roy, VELUX Group

As I’m looking forward to the IVA2014 projects, I cannot help but to think about this short film the students made in 2010 presenting a portrait of daylight in La Rochelle, a charming city located on the west coast of France. The film was captured by 23 students with different nationalities and cultural backgrounds, who were the winners and honourable mentions from the International VELUX Award 2010, and based on a concept by Louise Grønlund (winner, IVA2006) and Nanet Mathiasen who also supervised the filmmaking.

“It has been a great honour and pleasure to join this event and meet everyone here in La Rochelle. The 23 of us, standing here on the stage today are very proud, but also anxious to present to you the film we have worked on during the last 2-day workshop, which is about our own interpretation of light in La Rochelle, a truly charming city full of daylight.”

Yan Shi

“I saw the light of La Rochelle. The light that is always changing reflected on the walls so that even though you are in the city you feel like you are by the sea. I am very grateful for the students work and I will contact each of them personally to thank t, saidhem”

Maxime Bono




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